Friday, September 21, 2012

Yesterday's Results

Here are a few pictures to show you what we accomplished yesterday. 

These are the results of my bread baking with freshly ground flour from wheat berries.  The loaves turned out beautifully.

And the bread tastes good too.  I wasn't able to cut a piece while the bread was still warm, so the butter didn't melt.  But it is still wonderful.  As a means of eating healthier (and saving money), I hope to continue to make my own bread from now on instead of buying from the store.

In other kitchen news, the weather forecast for this past Monday night was temps near freezing, so on Monday afternoon, we picked tomatoes and peppers.  And on Tuesday morning most of the garden plants succumbed to frost.  Yesterday we canned tomato juice.

Yes, this is all tomato juice.  The jars on the left are from a "peach" type tomato, those in the middle are from "Green Zebra" tomatoes, and the right ones are from "Amish Paste" and "German Red Strawberry" tomatoes. 
There are still a few ripe tomatoes to take care of; I'll be making salsa from them this weekend.


  1. Your bread looks wonderful! How do you make tomato juice? Do you cook the tomatoes and then strain them?

    1. Thanks for the comments.
      After they are scalded to get the skins off, we put the tomatoes through a food strainer to get rid of the seeds. Then we add some Tabasco sauce (my husband likes tomato juice with a little kick to it) and cook the juice for a bit so it isn't so watery. Then we can it.