Monday, September 17, 2012

New Additions

Good morning!

We had a great weekend; our dear friends from up north were visiting, and we had such a good time while they were here.  We only get to see them approximately every month and a half because we live about six hours apart.  Sometimes we go to their place, and sometimes they come here.

Yesterday we added a couple of pigs to our place.  They are a bit smaller than feeder size, but will still work out well as future meat on the table.

Right now they are just really cute. 

They are currently in a neighbor's barn until we get the electric fencing set up.  Then they'll have fun rooting around in the area adjacent to the vegetable garden, and once pumpkin season is over, we'll let them into the pumpkin patch to enjoy the leftover pumpkins.  Just over 35 years ago, we had a few pigs when we lived on a different farm.  Pigs are wonderful animals, very smart and also very clean--contrary to many people's belief. 

So, we are very excited to be in the pig "business" again.


  1. Hi:

    I just found you through the Homestead Barn Hop. The subject of pigs always interests me. I hope that we can raise some for meat one day. I'm enjoying your blog :-).

    1. Thank you for visiting. Pigs really are fun to have around.

  2. I miss my pigs:( We slaughter 2 and sent the male to breed at a friends house and the friend's neighbors dogs attacked him and his new mate which was due any day and killed them. Now my husband doesn't want to get back into them.Maybe someday:)

    1. Sorry to hear about the pigs that were killed by dogs. Was anything done about the dogs? They shouldn't be running wild onto other people's land. Hopefully, you can get some more pigs in the future.