Monday, September 10, 2012


I don't think I've posted before about the bison.  We had a few acres that weren't being used, so about a year ago a neighbor inquired about working out a deal with us to put some bison on that land.  He  put up a good fence around it in exchange for being able to put his animals there.

He has it divided into three pastures, so he can rotate the bison as the growth in each pasture gets eaten down.  There is also a small creek here, so they have water to drink.

For a while after he put them here, we would see cars slow down to look.  Occasionally, someone would drive up to the house to ask if they could go look at the bison or else just pull into the driveway and take pictures.  After a year, however, most people driving by have seen them, so there doesn't seem to be as much interest as there was previously.  Bison aren't unheard of in this area, but not many people have them, so they are a bit of a novelty.

I think we got a good deal out of this--a good sturdy fence around that part of our land plus we get to watch the bison.  I enjoy going out by the fence to watch them up close or just looking at them from the house.  Since we only have chickens right now, it's nice to see other animals on this farm and the land being used.


  1. How many acres are designated for the bison? How many bison are there? Thank you, Lisa

    1. There are 10 bison on 8-10 acres. I read somewhere that out west, bison need 2 acres per animal, but around here where there's more and better grass not that much land is needed. They get rotated through three different pastures so that two can grow back while the bison are in the other one.