Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hi!  Just a quick post to tell you about the eggs.

A few posts ago I told you about our chickens.  They are Cornish Cross and are generally raised commercially for meat only--in those huge chicken barns.  We started with 11 earlier this summer (which turned out to be 7 roosters and only 4 hens), had 6 of the roosters butchered a month ago, and decided to keep the 4 hens (and one rooster) to see if the hens would eventually lay eggs. 
Well, guess what?  Yesterday we found one egg and this morning another one. 

The egg on the right is a normal sized egg, so these are quite a bit smaller.  If the hens keep laying, the eggs will get bigger.  But we are very excited just to be getting eggs, since we were not sure we would get any at all.

We also have blackberries ripening.  I just picked these this morning and will be eating them before the day is over.  Not many, but it's a start.  Yum!!


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