Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Wonderland

It's a winter wonderland at Meadowcreek today.  We have about 8 inches of snow so far, and it hasn't stopped yet. We're supposed to get up to 10 inches according to the forecast.

Late this afternoon, I shoveled a path out to the bird feeders and then went out to feed the chickens.  They stayed in the coop most of the day.  It's the first time they've seen snow.  They usually manage to get to the bird feeders and eat any sunflower seeds that fall on the ground, but they didn't venture over that way today. 

This is the first snow of the season, so people are re-learning how to drive in winter weather.  Just heard about a multi-car accident on the interstate about seven miles from here.  The temperature is just below freezing, so I imagine driving right now is rather dangerous.  I hope no one was hurt. 

With all this snow, I feel more motivated to get the Christmas tree set up and decorated.  Maybe I'll put on some Christmas music tomorrow and do just that.

Happy Winter!


  1. Beautiful! I wonder if you are near one of my cousins near Bloomer, WI?

    1. Actually, we are about an hour from Bloomer.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.