Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Pictures

A couple of nights ago my sisters and I went to see the Christmas lights display in a park not too far from here.  This is the 25th year that the city has had this display, and every year they add to it.  We hadn't been to see it in a few years, so we were surprised at how many displays there were.

This is only a very small part of what is there.  There were a lot of cars driving through to look, so it was hard to stop and take pictures without holding up traffic.  And some of the pictures just didn't turn out the way we hoped.

It's a good thing we went when we did, because the next day there was a big storm and we got back the several inches of snow we lost over the previous few days.  My unofficial measurement shows we got at least 10-11 inches at our house.  Oh well, it is winter in the north after all

The birds were very busy at the feeders yesterday, which always happens just before and during snowstorms.

These birds were waiting for their turn at the feeders.

And so was this cardinal.  But he did finally manage to get a place there.

Today, the sky was clear and even though the temp was fairly low, it was a nice day because of the sunshine.  Mr. M got out and did some snowblowing this morning.  Here he's making a path out to the chicken coop.

And here a path to and around the woodpile.

Of course, this makes it much easier to move around outside.  He also made a path out through the front yard and down the slope to the road, so I can go out and get the mail without too much trouble.

Even though I am not a big fan of winter and cold and lots of snow, I do like a white Christmas.

Is it wintry where you are?


  1. OH! Love the photos, The cardinal is beautiful.
    Our snow came yesterday, ha but here in Texas it is already melting LOL..

    1. Oh, that sounds wonderful--melting snow. Now that we've had a white Christmas, I'd be happy if the snow melted here too. Unfortunately, we probably won't see the ground again until March.

  2. It snowed in Colorado too! We had a white Christmas, the first in several years. Ours will melt once it warms up. Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks. Lucky you to have the snow only last a short time.