Monday, July 30, 2012

A new mix of chickens

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our roosters had been getting quite large and were starting to be aggressive.  Somehow, out of 8 chickens, we ended up with 6 roosters--it was not going to be a pleasant situation for the 2 hens, to say the least.  So, on Friday all 6  roosters met their demise, and they are now in the freezer.  The smallest was 7 1/2 lb. and the largest 9 3/4 lb.--just about big enough for Thanksgiving dinner.  These chickens are Cornish cross and are bred to eat a lot and grow quickly; they are the kind you generally find in the grocery store:  approximately 3 pounds when whole.  We got them from a friend who raises them for commercial companies.

Last Monday we acquired 3 more, a rooster and 2 hens; they somehow escaped the truck that came to get the rest.

Here are the 2 older hens, keeping cool in the tall grass.

We may keep these five for awhile; time will tell.  Certainly, 1 rooster to 4 hens is much better odds for everyone.

If we continue with chickens, I would like to get a different breed.  We had a few Buff Orpingtons a couple of years ago, and I liked them.  They were pretty, and they enjoyed walking around the yard and garden and eating bugs.  These chickens we have now aren't so keen on doing that.


  1. I am thinking about getting some chickens..........convince me its worth it! LOL

  2. Here are a few reasons why I think it's worth it to raise chickens.

    First of all, the meat and eggs from home-grown chickens is so much better than what you buy at the grocery store. Generally, the yolks are a nice orange color rather than pale yellow, and the taste of both eggs and meat is superior. The reason for this much better taste is that most home-raised chickens spend at least part of their day "free-ranging", scratching the ground and eating bugs and worms. Commercially raised chickens have no opportunity to do that. (Also, chickens raised commercially for meat and eggs live in abysmal conditions.)

    Home-raised chickens are generally easy keepers. Just provide food and water and a secure place for them to be at night so they aren't bothered by predators.

    Besides, chickens are just fun to watch.
    Give it a try; I think you'll be glad you did.