Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Garden

Despite the lack of rain this summer, our garden is doing well (the weeds too).   We have been watering parts of it about once every week or two, though.

Part of the tomato jungle

The tower of beans

Pumpkins starting to spread (amongst some weeds)

We have been picking lots of zucchini--surprise, surprise!!  Some of the garlic is ready now, and we also dug a couple of small onions and a few potatoes.  We planted several small potatoes saved from last year that had 12-18 inch long runners on them by the time we got them out.  I didn't think they would grow because the potatoes were so small--some were large marble size.  But they all grew, so we ended up with just over 100 plants.  So there should be plenty of potatoes for us and some for the kids and their families also.

We're heading north for a few days, so I imagine the weeds will be really taking over by the time we get back.  But maybe by then some of the tomatoes will be ready to pick and the corn also. 

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