Sunday, August 26, 2012


I got back today from visiting my daughter for a few days.  We spent quite a bit of time going to thrift sales in the Twin Cities area.  One outstanding huge sale was at a church that has been doing this annually for over 20 years.  Each category of item is in its own room, such as linens, kitchen items, antiques, books, crafts, designer clothes, holiday, etc.  It ran from Thursday through Saturday.  At noon on Saturday, they had a bag sale. 

We went on Thursday and got a few things, but then went back on Saturday for the bag sale.  It started raining just after we got in line to wait for the doors to open.  So we got a little wet, but that was okay.  When they opened the doors, I headed to the craft room and for $3.00 got a bag with the following things in it:

The red on the right in the background is 2 2/3 yards of red felt.  The package in the middle with the sunflowers on it is a kit to make 2 hotpads and includes batting and backing. 

At another church sale I bought a nice Liz Claiborne winter jacket with hood and zip-out lining for $4.00.  It looks like it has never been worn.  I am especially excited about this purchase since I need a new mid-weight winter jacket.

My daughter got some great designer clothes at a sale this morning for an average of less than $4 per item.  She was so excited about it!

We both got some terrific bargains and had lots of fun doing it. 

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