Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auction finds

I am so excited about what I got at an auction earlier today:  lefse-making equipment!!

I took a how-to-make lefse class last fall; had lots of fun and found that it isn't terribly hard to make.  The only thing is, to do it right, you need a lefse pan.  I already had the lefse rolling pin, but the pans are quite pricey--$89 when I priced them at the time, and being a bit frugal in certain ways, I could not justify spending that kind of money.  So when this whole set came up at the auction, I bid and got it for only $25.  Wow, I'm so happy that now this fall I will actually be able to make some lefse.  It is a tradition in our family to have it at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and homemade is so much better tasting than what you get in the stores.

After I left the auction, I stopped in at the local Scandinavian shop to check on prices for these items new.  The pan is now selling for $109.95, the pin for $21.95, and the wooden turner for $5.95.  Even though the ones I bought are used, they are in really great shape, so I think I got a very good deal.

I also bid on a tin full of DMC pearl cotton (14 large ones and 38 small ones) and got it for $7.  How exciting is that!

What great colors.  My best friend will tell you that I definitely need more thread of all kinds.


I love auctions.  One of the great things in life is a few hours spent out in the fresh air trying to get some fantastic bargains.

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