Friday, December 20, 2013

Silverware Pockets

Just in time for Christmas, I came across a tutorial on another blog for making some nice silverware holders.  (Sorry, but I don't remember which blog it was.)

They were very easy to do.  I used the rest of the jelly roll that I had used to do the table runner in this post:  Swirls and a Christmas Runner


 As you can see, the silverware sticks way out.  I should have made them a bit larger, but I forgot that my silverware seems to be longer than most.  And I also just noticed that I have the knife facing the wrong way in this picture.  Will have to make sure I do it right when I set these out for our Christmas dinner.

If I had tried one with the silverware in it before I made all ten, then I would have adjusted the size.  Since I didn't, they are just going to have to do.

We are having our family Christmas get-together this coming Sunday, so I'm going to be busy today and tomorrow finishing up what needs to get done before then.  I always look forward so much to our family Christmas.  Everyone will be here except our younger son who lives quite a ways from here; and he has to work on Christmas this year.

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