Thursday, July 11, 2013

Re-decorating the Guest Room

I love to change things around, whether it's doodads, fabric, curtains, or even furniture.  So when I got some really great buys at garage sales last week, I decided to re-decorate our guest room.  Mr. M has gotten to the point that he only chuckles when I change things around, which is a good thing because that's just who I am.  He discovered a long time ago that things don't stay exactly the same around our house for very long.

The colors are more reminiscent of fall, but I think the next time friends come to visit, it probably will be fall.

The chenille bedspread was $10.00.  The pillow shams, two on the bed and another on the bench, were a dollar or two each at garage sales from previous years.  The white chair with heart cutout is one I got at a garage sale at least 30 years ago.

The three curtain panels were $2.00 (total, not each).  Excellent quality; nice and heavy.  They don't appear to be a very good match with the red of the bedspread, but it (the bedspread) isn't as tomatoey red as it appears in the picture.  It is a closer match in person.

The oak commode was $20 at an auction a couple of years ago; the clock, bowl, mirror, and runner were all purchased at garage sales or thrift shops.  The only new things in the room are the candle and holder, as well as the chickadee picture on the wall next to the bed. 

The saying above the mirror was $1.00 at Dollar Tree (okay, this was also new--but cheap).  The picture frame was $1.00 at a garage sale, and the pictures are some I took of flowers in my garden.

The vase with flowers was $2.00; the shelf unit, which I spray-painted white was from a garage sale a few years ago.  The frame was also purchased at a garage sale and painted, but the "Love one another" cross-stitch piece is one I did many years ago.

The two quilted wall hangings are a couple that I made.  The treadle sewing machine belonged to my grandma.  The cloth and other things on the machine were also garage sale finds.  The bedside table is from an auction.  The lamp is from a thrift store, but the shade was pink that I had previously covered with blue fabric.  It doesn't appear in the picture because it's in my sewing room to have a new fabric shade made for it that better matches the room.

I like how the room turned out.  Will it stay the same forever?  Definitely not, but hopefully at least until some friends have stayed in it at least once.

I picked about 12 1/2 pounds of strawberries this morning.  With the 15 pounds from last week, that should be enough to get us through until next year.  My patch isn't producing much, so I may just turn it under and plant something else there.  It's easier to just  drive a mile and pick them, and let someone else do the growing. 

Happy July 11th!  Enjoy summer; it's usually over before we know it.

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