Wednesday, February 6, 2013


There's not a whole lot happening around here lately, so not much to write about.  We're just trying to stay warm, and I've been working on our taxes.  I want to get them in soon since we're getting a refund this year (yes!). 

     The garden is still under snow, and underneath that the ground is frozen.  So we won't be able to do anything there for awhile.  However, within the next few days we'll be starting the artichoke seeds indoors.  The other seeds can wait a bit. 

     All six are doing fine despite the very bitter cold weather we've had.  They huddle together and fluff up their wings to stay warm.  The newest hen, which we got in early December, is now almost as big as the other hens and she seems to have been accepted (or at least tolerated) by the rest of the flock.  We have even had an occasional egg.

     As you know, I've been working to finish several quilt tops that have been laying around for a while, some as long as nine or ten years.  I have completed eight of the 19 so far.

This is from a kit I bought two or three years ago at a shop along the north shore of Minnesota during the annual Shop Hop.  This shop actually went out of business about a month or two later.  It was a great quilt shop, so we hated to see it close.  This is a lap size quilt; I love the colors.

This is also from a kit I bought three years ago when visiting the city up north where we used to live.  This is a lap or baby quilt size.

Til next time...


  1. Hope you're staying warm! Weather has been nice here, but expect snow this weekrnd. We need it!

    1. We are; we have a nice wood furnace that does a great job of heating this big old house.
      Hope you get snow, since you need it.