Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wintry-Weather Activities

With the cold, wintry weather here, I have been spending most of my time indoors.  I'm still working on more of the quilt works-in-progress.  One is almost finished and two more are getting close.

Yesterday, I made hamburger and brat rolls.  I had them on my grocery list, but decided to make my own.  I haven't bought any bread since last August, but for some reason I was going to buy buns.  How silly!  They are so easy to make, and I know what's in them.  We've been enjoying homemade multi-grain, pumpernickel, and Swedish rye breads for the past 5 months, so there's no reason not to also have homemade buns.  These are made with unbleached white flour, but in the future I'd like to make some with part whole wheat flour.

I've also been working on a binder with copies of all important papers and other information, including what Mr. M and I want in terms of a funeral, etc.  It'll be nice for our kids to have all of this in one place.  Obviously, we hope they won't need it for a long time yet.  Sometimes people don't want to talk about arrangements for funerals, etc., but we're all headed to that end point eventually.  So why not make things a bit easier for those who are still here?

Tomorrow my sisters and I are going to lunch for our dad's birthday.  He died just over 4 years ago, but would have been 93 tomorrow, if he had lived.  (My granddaughter's 8th birthday is also tomorrow; she was born the day my dad turned 85.  He was so excited about that.)  Our mother died 10 1/2 months after Dad, so 2009 was a hard year for us.  I still miss them terribly.  And tomorrow we'll be remembering good times with both of them.

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