Friday, February 21, 2014

More Winter and a Pinwheel Runner

Good morning on this wintry day!  The huge snowstorm from yesterday and last night is over.  The weather people predicted up to 16 inches of new snow.  It's hard to tell how much we got because the wind is blowing it around, but it was a lot. 

I shoveled part of the deck because I wanted to get out to the beginning of the wind-blown path and stand next to it just to see how deep it is.  It was halfway between my knee and my hip, so pretty deep.  This path is several feet long and goes from the house to the driveway.  It will be a challenge to get through it with either the shovel or the snowblower.  The good news is that the guy who plows our driveway has been here already, so at least the driveway is clear.

Since we choose to live in Wisconsin, and since there's really nothing I can personally do about the weather, I am trying to see the beauty in it.  Everything looks so clean and fresh after a snowfall, and the trees and bushes are pretty with new snow on them.

This long hard winter has impacted the wildlife also.  We are seeing many fewer birds at the feeders these past two months when the temperatures have been so nasty.  I've also heard reports of people seeing dead deer and turkeys, evidently from the bitter cold temperatures.  This deep snow and the below zero lows for the next week are going to be a further hindrance for them.

However, winter is more than half over, the sun has just come out, and Spring is coming in another month or two.  Yeah!

Here is the latest table runner I made.  It's supposed to be a Valentine's Day runner.  I am obviously a little late getting it finished for this year.

The reason I didn't get it done on time is that I've been sidetracked for the past couple of weeks.  I have been thinking of taking the wallpaper border off the walls in our hallway and painting the walls and trim a different color.  Normally I would wait until we could open doors and windows to help with the paint smell, but I tend to be impatient about some things and decided I couldn't wait any longer to get this done.  Our hallway has seven doors and one window, so the doors and trim took a long time to paint.  The walls haven't been as bad except for the fact that I ran out of paint just as I finished the second coat on the ceiling.  Now I have to wait to put the second coat on the walls until I can get to Home Depot to buy more paint (the closest one to us is about 80 miles away).  I will be over that way in a week, so hopefully the painting will be done soon.

In the meantime, there are plenty of quilting projects I can be working on.

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