Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crescent Moon and Venus

I woke up about 6 this morning and was going to go back to sleep until I looked out the window.

These obviously aren't the greatest pictures, but I just had to take them anyway.  It was the crescent moon with a very bright Venus not too far from it.  It was just beautiful, much more so than these pictures show. 

I took a couple of pictures from inside the house, but went outside to take these.  (I sure didn't stay out there long though, with a temperature of -12 degrees and a wind chill of -30.)

I've really been in a sewing and quilting mood lately, which is a good thing.  Last evening I was looking through a quilt book by Debbie Fields of Granola Girl.  All of the quilts in the book are made with flannel, although any fabric could be used.  So I pulled out all of my northwoodsy type flannels and have almost enough on hand to make one of these quilts (except for about a one yard piece which I'll have to buy).  I think I'll get started with the cutting today, especially since the weather isn't very conducive to being outside.

Winter has to be over soon, doesn't it?

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