Monday, November 19, 2012


The pigs have been very busy the past couple of weeks.  They get started right away in the morning and usually stop to nap for awhile in the early afternoon.  Then they're back at it until dark.  Besides grass, weeds, and a few rocks, these are some of the treasures they've rooted up so far.

This farm has been here for 150 years, so I'm sure there are a lot more pieces of metal laying beneath the surface.  The pigs root about a foot deep in some areas. 

Mr. M has been hunting the past two days; the gun deer season started on Saturday and goes through next Sunday.  He's seen several, but hasn't gotten one yet.  Our oldest son and our son-in-law both got their deer already.  So there will be meat in their freezers for the winter.  If Mr. M gets a deer, we'll cut the tenderloins and backstrap into smaller pieces and freeze them.  Most of the big pieces will be cut into chunks and pressure canned.  The really small pieces will become ring bologna. 

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  1. Love the findings! How cool! Oh, the stories those items could tell, I'm sure.