Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vegetable Soup

Today I made vegetable-beef soup for supper.  Nothing unusual about that, but the neat thing is that almost everything in the soup came from our garden or from Mr. M's hunt last year.

The jar of meat on the left is venison we canned last fall after hunting season.  The onion, potatoes, cabbage, carrots (frozen), and tomatoes (yellow, in jar at back) all came from our garden.  The celery was from a friend's garden.  The only things not grown by us are the spices and barley.
As so many of you know, it is such a nice feeling to sit down to eat a meal when you know that you've provided most or all of it yourselves.  And it's also wonderful knowing that no insecticides/herbicides were used to grow this food.  How exciting is that!


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