Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back Home


We got home yesterday afternoon after almost a week with our friends up north.  It was a great time visiting, in addition to the scrapbooking retreat on Friday evening and all day Saturday that my friend and I attended.  We also played lots of Hand and Foot (a card game), which we do every time we get together.

When we got back, I talked to the young man who fed the chickens and pigs for us while we were gone.  His dad owns the buffalo on our land.  Sadly, one of the four calves died at the end of last week.  They don't know what happened; maybe it was not well when it was born.  At any rate, there are now only three calves.

The pigs have been doing what pigs do best; they have about 3/4 of the area they've been working on dug up.  It seems to go faster for them with the ground softer due to the rain we've had lately. 

This is about half of what they've dug so far.

The chickens are wandering further from their coop.  I fed them this morning and opened the door so they could go out.  They generally stay fairly close.  A couple of hours later, I noticed they were all missing.  We looked all over the yard, around the barn, out by the road, and so on.  So we got on the wheeler and drove through and around the woods to look for them.  We finally found them hidden behind a big round bale of hay out by the edge of the cornfield.   I'm not sure why they were out there, but I got them back to the area of the coop by making a trail of corn kernels.
Here's Mr. Rooster strutting his stuff.

We spent some time this morning spreading leaves on part of the garden.  Two of our neighbors each brought a trailer-load over while we were gone.  This is one of the trailers; I didn't get a picture of the other one.

This part of the garden is all ready for winter now.

And this is all that's left of the pumpkin patch.

It's nice to have a few warm days now to get the rest of the outdoor things taken care of.  Colder temps are moving in at the end of the week.



  1. What a beautiful blog you have. I found you through Homestead Revival and am a new follower. I love this post and hope you will come share at our weekly Farm Girl Blog Fest. Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/10/farm-girl-blog-fest-5.html

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I will definitely check out the Farm Girl Blog Fest.

  2. Afer seeing all the work the pigs did, I'm thinking we need some pigs.

    1. Yes, pigs do wonders for digging up plants and cleaning out roots. We're hoping to use part of that area for vegetables next year.