Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilt Progress and Daylilies

Good afternoon! 

I finally have more of the "Northwoodsy" quilt finished.  The top is pieced, and this morning I laid it out on the floor so I could position the animal silhouettes.

There is one more silhouette that will go on the left side.  Now I can start stitching them to the top.

Hot here today and no rain in sight, so we'll be watering the gardens.  We've been enjoying lettuce and peas so far, as well as new potatoes.  Beets will be ready soon. 

I bought 2 boxes of Georgia peaches from the Tree-Ripe Citrus truck last week.  The peaches I've been buying from them for at least ten years are always delicious.   Yesterday I canned 14 pints plus put 3 packages in the freezer. And of course, we've eaten lots of them fresh. 

I love summer with all its wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables!

Here are a few of the daylilies in the flower gardens.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite since each one is more beautiful than the last.

This is a peachy one with yellowish throat (and a couple of pretty daisies--as Meg Ryan says in "You've Got Mail", "Daisies are such happy flowers").

This is more of a lemon yellow than appears in this picture.

Different shades of pink.

A beautiful big orange one and more daisies.

I never used to plant daylilies, but after trying one, I am hooked.  They are all lovely, and with several flower buds on each stalk, there are flowers for a long time.

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