Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baby Items and a Trip

This past week I worked on a couple of things for a baby. 

This first one is a cross-stitch pattern I've had for years.  I just stitched it last year and then a few days ago finally finished the project.

The second one is a very cute pattern that I found on SewMamaSew by Abby Glassenberg.
Baby Butterfly Tutorial

I did change it a bit.  The eyes, eyebrows, and mouth were supposed to be made of felt.  I used a marker to draw them on instead.

These were both fun to make and really didn't take much time.

I'm off to visit Kaci tomorrow.  We'll mostly be sewing and visiting a couple of quilt shops, but she also signed us up for an afternoon Stampin' Up class.  We might even get a chance to stop at some thrift stores; you never know what kind of treasures are to be found there.  So it looks like a fun and busy week.

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