Sunday, August 18, 2013

From the Garden

The garden is doing pretty well, despite no rain in at least two weeks, and none in the forecast.  Mr. M did water it a couple of days ago, so it should be good to go for the 90 degree weather coming up this week.

Here are some things we picked this morning.

Green beans, sage, a few small side shoots of broccoli, and Green Zebra tomatoes--Mr. M's favorite kind of tomato.  This variety is the only ripe tomato we've had so far this year. 

Yellow zucchini, cucumbers, green pepper, and carrots.  The reddish carrots are called Cosmic Purple and the orange are St. Valery (my favorite carrot). 

And some things from last week.

 Garlic continuing to dry.  We use lots of garlic.

 This pile of garlic is going to be planted back in the garden in early September for next year's crop.

When we had picked enough peas for eating and freezing, we let the rest of the pods dry out.  Last week, we picked them, and I laid the peas out in one layer to finish drying.  Now they're in a container to go with the rest of our garden seeds to plant in next year's garden.

Well, it's time for lunch. 

Today we're having roast pork (from one of the pigs we raised last winter and spring), baked potatoes, buttered carrots, and Green Zebra tomatoes (all from the garden).  It is such a satisfying feeling to sit down to a meal that comes entirely from our farm.  Well, all from here except for the butter.  We'll most likely always be buying butter since we don't plan to have dairy animals, although I do occasionally buy cream from a local organic dairy and make butter from it, a very easy process.

Hope you have a great day!

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