Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pressing Table and Bargain Irons

I've seen several sewing studios with large pressing boards and have wanted to make one.  My room is about 13'x15', a decent size, but with everything else in there, I couldn't seem to find a good spot to put one.

Well, problem solved! 

My cutting table is 30"x50".  At first I just thought of getting some plywood to cover and then putting it on the table when I needed to press larger things.  The problem with that is where to put it when I'm not using it. 

The solution:  put 2 layers of batting and the layer of fabric on the cutting table itself.  I wrapped it around the edges and stapled it underneath.  Now I have a nice big area for pressing larger items and I don't have to store it anywhere when it's not being used.

When it's not in use, I just put the cutting mats on top of it.  So now it's a multipurpose cutting/pressing table.  Yea!

I have to tell you about a real bargain I got at a garage sale a week or so ago.  This is a Rowenta  Powerglide iron that I paid $2. for.  Not sure how much they are new, but much more than what I paid. 

I also have this Rowenta Professional iron that I snagged at a garage sale 3 years ago for $5.  This would have been close to $100 new.  Both of these irons work beautifully.

I love garage sales!  You just never know what great things you're going to find.

Later this week, I'll try to do a post with a tour of my sewing studio.

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  1. I need to come over for ironing lessons. Good work! Thanks so much for linking up!