Thursday, May 17, 2012


The perennial gardens are looking good right now.  The Columbine has just started blooming.  The hosta in the picture to the right has been in that location for a few years, and the three in the back in the picture below have been there for two years.  The hostas in front are two of the six or eight that I just transplanted from out near the road to an area on the west side of the house that is shady for most of the day now.
Here is a picture of another perennial garden.  The only thing blooming here right now is the yellow rose way at the back, but the peonies and Siberian iris all have buds.  The purple birdhouse (at the back) is the one that wrens built a nest in a week or so ago.  However, I think they have abandoned it since I have seen no activity around there for a couple of days.  It's near the back door, which is the one we mostly use, so maybe they decided they wanted a more private place and moved on.

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